Amongst my prized possessions is a picture of lightening taken in July 1960. We were in the VI term at the NDA and I was in the camera club. The task given to us was to capture lightening on the camera film. To get one picture, we exposed several roles, because it was extremely difficult to close the shutter before the flood of light engulfed us.

In the fifty years that have elapsed since then, photography has come a long way. The attached pictures are of lightening in all its glory. The ideal way to see them is to view them as a slide show with your speakers on. Towards the end, you will find two pictures in which the ‘lightening arrestors’ erected on multi-storied buildings can be seen doing their job effectively.

I took this collage out of my archives specially because now is the time to watch and enjoy lightening!


  1. Brig Thyagarajan says:

    That is a superb one. I am not very sure whether they are real ones are concocted by computer gimmicks.

  2. Raj Kadyan says:

    Beautiful pictures – thanks.

    NDA trained you on technical aspects right from boyhood; they must have detected the potential. As I recall the main thrust of training imparted to me was about grooming a horse.

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