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A Guide for the Viewers 

For those who are not familiar with web-site format, the following points are highlighted here.

  • The ‘Home’ page is like a ‘Foreword’ or  a ‘Preface’

  • ‘Genesis’ gives a background to how this idea germinated and took its present shape.

  • In the ‘Invitation’ we invite you to contribute your stories and articles for this website.

  • The ‘Bill of Fares’ opens out a list of headings. All the stories  and articles have been divided into ten categories. Click on the topic of your choice, and you will find a brief gist of the piece contained under that heading. At the end of the synopsis, you will see ‘-continue reading-’ printed in blue color. Click on that to read the whole story.  To get back to another story under the same topic, scroll to the top of the page, and click on the topic (printed in blue color) You can also click on the ‘arrow marks’ on the first page of the story to get to the previous or the next story within the same topic.

  • The ‘Contact us’ page gives a general introduction to our team members and also our address and the phone numbers of the ‘web-master’.

  • If you click on ‘Whats New’ you get the latest posts and comments received.

  • If you wish to offer your comments or suggestion on any topic, just click on the bottom of the  the story, where you will find either ‘thoughts?’ or ‘comments’ written. Click on it and before keying in your comments, you will be requested to enter your name and the e-mail ID. We look forward to your feedback.

    If you need any help or clarification on this web site, please send us an e-mail on any of the following IDs

  1. colls says:


    G R E A T


  2. Dhiraj Mullick says:

    I read recently “It is not how much you do, but how much love you put into the doing that matters”.

    “Guftagu” is filled with love and the breathing of your heart is palpable in every aspect of its creation. I have posted my comments.

    Kudos to you and your team and supporters who have helped you to put it togethor.

    It’s a particularly great effort from your side – getting inside yourself, your mind, your heart, your body and feeling the full depth of emotional stirrings then giving it a voice…..and providing opportunity for other to put up their voice… if I had the time I would commit to be a regular…..maybe possible few years down the line.

    It is bound to become a popular site for many. Dont Stop.

    Great talking to you – will attempt to be more regular henceforth !!

    With Best regards for Madam

  3. niharika says:

    u r the best…….

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