30th April 1997 and 6th May 2004

Twenty-three years ago, on 30th April 1997, our revered mother, whom we called ‘Jhaiji’ left for her Heavenly abode. Almost exactly seven years later, on 6th May 2004, our father, whom we addressed as ‘Pitaji’ joined her. Since then, during this period, we pray for the eternal peace of their souls. We also recall moments out of their pious and virtuous lives.
This year, Ashwani suggested that we adopt the audio technique to tell the story. My only surviving brother, Brig Surinder Singh helped me in gathering a few family pictures, and we chose one brief episode out of family history, for the benefit of our kinsfolk. Ashwani turned it into a five-minute long video. Click on the link given below to see it:


  1. Lt Gen Paramjit Singh says:

    The audio Indeed is good idea. It gives a very unique personal touch.
    Thank you Sir for sharing.
    Warm regards

  2. Harman says:

    dear Sir, listened to it for the second time. earlier Mrs Mani OP Singh happened to share it with wife & i had missed looking up the inbox for quite many days. have been fan of your articles & this narrative from your life, gives an insight into compassionate nature n concern Jhaiji had for a servant who sinned but was forgiven.
    looking fwd to more uplifting stories both in written format as well as audio visual in the days ahead.
    wishing you & Surinder uncle great health always & more reach with such collaborative efforts.
    Warm regards,

  3. Maj Gen MPS Kandal says:

    Dear Surjit Sir,
    We did not get a chance and privilege to know your respected parents but certainly your person reflects their values and intellect.
    Join you in paying respect to them.

    • Maj Gen Surjit Singh says:

      Thanks.I am sanguine that you are in good health and your trademark ‘charhdi kala’
      God bless

  4. Maj Gen Surjit Singh says:

    As usual, you are the first one to respond!

  5. Raksha Bharadia says:

    Raksha Bharadia
    9:44 AM (4 hours ago)
    to me

    Dear Sir,

    Thank you so much for sharing. This was beautiful :)




  6. Cdr Ashwani Bharadwaj, IN says:

    Ashwani Bhardwaj
    1:12 PM (43 minutes ago)
    to me

    Respected Sir,

    Its such a pleasure reading your mails and the attached blogs, the narration is simple but carries a lot of depth and meaning for the reader (listener)
    The latest audio story is awesome, your yearning for learning the latest technology and delivering through the same is inspirational.

    Looking forward to more such nuggets of wisdom. Thank you sir.

    • Maj Gen Surjit Singh says:

      We live so close…and yet this ‘social distancing’ has driven us so far apart!

  7. Lt Gen Harbhajan Singh says:

    Harbhajan Singh
    May 3, 2020, 6:51 PM (17 hours ago)
    to me

    Dear Surjit Ji,

    Thank you very much for sharing this interesting episode. Your respected mother, though only 31 acted like a seasoned lady. I am sure this is due to her upbringing and learning after marriage.

    I enjoy your interesting memories of days yore. This video is very well made. Please keep sharing. Warm regards.


  8. Lt Gen YN Sharma says:

    Thank you, Surjit, for sharing tender ‘growing-up’ memories with your respected Parents. My heartfelt homage to them and warm regards to you all.

    • Maj Gen Surjit Singh says:

      Dear General,
      I think you have narrated the stories of your childhood in an exceptional manner in your book.And that is because your childhood was exceptional…with TWO doting mothers!
      We will be glad to post another episode, if you care to write one.

  9. Maj Gen RS Bains says:

    Message form Raj Bains, which said,

    “Yours is a blessed family. You remember your ancestors so well!”

  10. Arun Kumar Mishra says:

    Surjit Sir,
    You are a very a sensitive and a fine person. I often wonder why you were not and an author. Your site and posts always touch the heart. You say things and in a way that makes me say ah this is exactly what I was feeling and wanting to pen. Had I known this side of yours earlier then I would have connected with you during service more . Regs and best. May you have a very long life so that you share more of your emotive self with us. Arun

  11. Lt Col Dr T S Surendra says:

    Very well narrated Sir and quite compelling. It is about your fond memory of a mother – considerate , forgiving and full of kindliness, love , affection and benevolence. Regards –

    (as you have always called me over the past 53 years)

    • Maj Gen Surjit Singh says:

      You were, you are, and shall always remain Tejinder for me.
      And Latha will forever remain the charming Iyenger young lady, whom you ‘discovered’ in IIT Delhi!

  12. Brig Surinder Singh says:

    Dear Surjit,

    What can I say about this wonderful work of yours. The two of us are the last survivors of our memorable original family of six.

    A powerful message from our beloved mother has been conveyed by you in an audio visual and that indelible message gets recorded straight in the heart.

    No less has been the impact of our revered father. His no- nonsense attitude towards us equipped us to face the problems in life and take them in our stride.

    A fitting tribute to both of them in this unforgettable week.


    • Maj Gen Surjit Singh says:

      Dear Surinder,
      I am able to do all this because of the affection and encouragement which I receive from you.
      And the younger members of the family are also very supportive. Above all Pitaji and Jhaiji have left such wonderful memories, that it really does not need any effort from our side to remember them with fondness.
      Wish you health, and ‘Charhdi kala’

  13. Lt Gen Raj Kadyan says:

    Raj Kadyan
    Thu, Apr 30, 5:44 PM (2 days ago)
    to me

    Dear General,
    Great remembrance and expression of sentiments. I pray for continued peace for the noble souls of your parents.

    With best regards,

    Lt Gen Raj Kadyan
    262, Sector-17A
    Gurgaon – 122 001

  14. Col RS Grewal says:

    Ranjit Grewal
    Thu, Apr 30, 5:53 PM (2 days ago)
    to me

    We share your moments of grief.God bless the family

  15. Lt Gen DB Singh says:

    Dharambir singh
    Thu, Apr 30, 7:56 PM (2 days ago)
    to me

    Great records DBee

  16. Lt George Poonen IN says:

    Hi Surjit:

    Thank you for sharing that beautiful story and allowing us into your wonderful family. It was heart warming and we can all remember your mother when and if we are also confronted with a similar situation. The world would be a better place.

    Stay safe.


    • Maj Gen Surjit Singh says:

      We have been hearing a lot of scary things about the US.
      I hope you and your family are safe.

  17. Col Harindar Bedi says:

    Harindar Bedi
    Thu, Apr 30, 8:00 PM (2 days ago)
    to me

    Dear Surjit ji,

    You and your brothers are indeed blessed to have had such a gracious and forgiving mother. God bless her soul.

    Warm regards,


  18. Lt Gen RK Gaur says:

    R K Gaur
    Apr 30, 2020, 8:09 PM (2 days ago)
    Thank you Surjit for sharing this nostalgic memory.

  19. Joseph Thomas says:

    Joseph Thomas
    Apr 30, 2020, 9:04 PM (2 days ago)
    Thanks. Am working on the article about Germany’s recovery from the Great Depression 3007

  20. Zal Kabraji says:

    zal kabraji
    Thu, Apr 30, 10:07 PM (2 days ago)
    to me

    Dear General—This is real nice & well made video—interesting too.
    Must have brought back many pleasant & nostalgic memories of your dear parents & olden days.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Warm regards & stay safe,

    • Maj Gen Surjit Singh says:

      Thanks for the kind words.
      I think the pictures which we receive from your end are a ‘Treasure Trove’!
      How did you miss out on joining us ath the NDA?

  21. Col MA Shah says:

    Mir Ahmed Shah
    Apr 30, 2020, 10:36 PM (2 days ago)
    to me

    Dear General Surjit Sir, thank you for your mail. I read the moving anecdote about the kindness of your respected mother Jhaiji (May God bless her soul) and was deeply touched. Your love and affection for your late parents is commendable and needs to be emulated. With warm regards and very best wishes for your good health. Colonel Mir Ahmed Shah (Retd).

  22. Maj Gen PC Sen says:

    Prabal C Sen
    Thu, Apr 30, 11:40 PM (2 days ago)
    to me

    Dear Sir,

    I have written a brief comment. Very well presented. Last few sentences are very nice.
    This audio format is also quite novel.

    warm regards

    P Sen

  23. Bharat Avalani says:

    Bharat Avalani
    May 1, 2020, 2:16 AM (1 day ago)
    to me

    Thank you Sir for thinking of me and sharing this anecdote with me.

    It triggered an incident in my life too.

    The lesson I learnt is not only to forgive but to give a second chance.

    It’s the second chance that sometimes makes all the difference.

    It seems we will not be meeting in Kasauli in Oct this year due to Covid 19.

    I pray its not long before we meet again.

    This comes with my fondest good wishes to you and Ma’am.


  24. Lt Gen KK Khanna says:

    kamal khanna
    Fri, May 1, 5:57 AM (1 day ago)
    to Maj

    Dear sir, may they rest in peace.
    Hope you are keeping well.

    Kamal Khanna

  25. Seema Singh says:

    We pray, with folded hands for the eternal peace of your parents

  26. Anuraj Dua says:

    Anuraj Dua
    May 1, 2020, 7:11 AM (1 day ago)
    to me

    Hello Surjit uncle,
    Hope you are well and staying indoors and healthy. I enjoyed hearing the story about your beloved mother – such a nice lesson and she was so loving, kind and forgiving. She was far ahead of her time in understanding that many a times forgiveness is more powerful than punishment. Also the video with pictures and narration transformed the experience. Nice to see a cameo from you in the end.
    Love to you and aunty. Here in NYC things are slowly getting better, and we look forward to better days in the coming weeks.
    With love and regards,

  27. Brig KN Harikumar says:

    Harikumar Krishnannair
    May 1, 2020, 2:04 PM (1 day ago)
    to me

    Thank you for sharing,Sir

  28. Brig Anil Adlakha says:

    Anil Sunita
    Fri, May 1, 4:06 PM (1 day ago)
    to me

    Thanks & God Bless the Noble Soul of your mother.

  29. Rajinder S Bhatti says:

    Telephone message from Rajinder on 1st May tp me

    “Virji, we are deeply touched by your tribute. Jhaiji was a blessed soul, indeed”

  30. Mandhir Mani says:

    Jhaiji was indeed an enlightened soul, full of love and compassion for everyone and always in the state of equanimity.
    I have yet to come across a person as incredible as her.
    We are so fortunate to receive her unconditional love and observe her sailing through all the ups and downs of life,with utmost tranquility, grace and wisdom.
    God bless

  31. Niloufer Bilimoria says:

    Niloufer Bilimoria
    Fri, May 1, 6:48 PM (17 hours ago)
    to me

    Dear Gen Surjit,

    What a beautiful story. And what an amazing way to remember your parents. How wise your mother was at the young age of 31. And how she must have transformed young Prataps life for the better. Her ways have obviously rubbed off on the rest of the eminent family. Thanks so much for sending this to me.


  32. Lt Gen DB Singh says:

    Could not agree more on the strength of collective family prayers

  33. Neena pp singh says:

    Neena Singh
    Apr 30, 2020, 1:59 PM (2 days ago)
    to me

    Dear Veerji

    Sat Sri Akal ji.
    Good to hear from you The divine shabad you shared is also my personal favourite.
    Relished its soulful rendering by Harjinder Singh ji.

    Hope both of you are doing well during this time of the lockdown.

    Please take care and stay safe. Waheguru Ang Sang.

    We are well too and so are the children in Seattle with God’s Grace.

    Warm regards to you & Surinder ji,

    Neena & Prithpal

  34. Pawan Bir Sangat says:

    Pawanbir Singh
    Thu, Apr 30, 2:15 PM (2 days ago)
    to me

    SSA Uncle.

    I was remembering you since some days and this morning when I saw this email, I could not find another excuse for not reaching out. I hope you and aunty are keeping well in these torrid times.

    We are reeling under some real unprecedented circumstances and you must be aware from media channels that the light at the end of the tunnel is still nowhere in sight here in England. Hope nature shows some mercy and we can get over this challenge in the near future, and start afresh with a new normal.

    Sending you our best wishes.

    Waaris, Satvir and Sangat!

  35. Maj Gen AJRS Bawa Bhalla says:

    Dear Surjeet
    so nice of you to share your memories of Jhaiji with me.
    am touched
    incidentally this is kanwal’s favourite shabad too. And. I marvel at the relevance of this in today’s times.
    with the help of SGGS guru sahib is present in every home and the meanings so clear.
    thanks brother

  36. Brig PT Gangadharan says:

    Forwarded to friends

  37. Lt Gen SBS Kochar says:

    SBS Kochar
    May 1, 2020, 8:15 AM (1 day ago)
    to me

    Sir. Very absorbing indeed. Nostalgic for me to remember our days at ci camp dehra dun. From great persons such as your parents one learnt, Life is meant not to be hoarded but to be given away-given freely to all, given in love, given in the spirit of joy! The cook received it in good measure. A great presentation. Regards. kochar

  38. Aarti K Pathak says:

    Aarti Pathak
    Fri, May 1, 3:52 PM (19 hours ago)
    to me

    Dear uncle,
    Am delighted to hear from you!

    Am also honoured that you shared the beautiful anecdote with me. I have always believed that kindness is a virtue like no other and when I learn of such inspiring people as your mother and of the bighearted manner they led their lives, it inspires me to conitnue believing.

    Beautiful writeup, video and narration.


  39. Harmeet says:

    Dear Uncle
    What a beautiful way of remembering Mama ji and Mami ji. A heartwarming tale of kindness which I am sure will inspire many amongst us. Beautifully narrated. Love and regards

  40. Kul Prakash Deswal says:

    Surjit very touching. Parents always remain in your thoughts however old we get. Their memories are there to live by.

  41. Aarti says:

    Dear uncle,
    This is such a beautiful, heartwarming and uplifting anecdote. As you narrated, I could see the events as if they unfolded live on front of my eyes.
    There is a wisdom in kindness and this small page from the story of your family will remind us all of that.

  42. Dave sood says:

    one never forgets their parents. The world changes, but the love and memory of our parents live with us forever.

    Have seen their pictures and heard some stories before.

    I feel as if I knew them.

  43. Rashmi Oberoi says:

    Poignant…leaves a lasting impression.
    Memories that are to be treasured.

  44. Prabal Sen says:

    Sir, very touching ! Thanks. I had read this anecdote in a book you gifted me, when I met you in Gurgaon ( Equanimity), during 2007. Your last few sentences in the audio are staright from your heart, and will be remebered. ( We had read a piece in our school text book, long back – The Bishop’s Candlesticks by Norman McKinnel – reminded of that).

  45. colls says:

    What a coincidence my dad also died on 6MAY 1969 You had met him when you came home.TIME is a great healer

    There is nothing we can do
    but to wait
    to become a MEMORY


  46. J Thomas says:

    An inspiring story.

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