Originally posted on 3rd April 2011 :

The elections in the Punjab, UP, Uttarakhand and a couple of minor states have just been completed. We heard a lot of speeches. Political parties have promised many things. As a wag said, a politician can vow to make a bridge even where no river exists.

Across our western borders, the politicians are a lot more resourceful and explicit. Ms Talat Zamir has sent a link to the election speech in which the candidate assures his people that he will improve education and eradicate unemployment. A car is guaranteed to every voter, and he also tells how he proposes to achieve all that.

Please click on the link below if you have five minutes to spare and have a working knowledge of Urdu mixed with  a bit of Lahori Punjabi.

(The words “जाली  सनद “  mean fake degrees/certificates

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