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Sep 27, 2011

Gen Amar Bhalla has just informed me that Brig MS Virk (June 1963 batch, EME) has chosen to take the long road to nowhere. The news has come as a body blow to those who knew him.

I first met this six-feet-two-inches tall soldier in 1977. We joined 509 Army Base Workshop on the same date, and I soon learned that I could turn to him for help for almost anything under the sun. “No” was not in his vocabulary. During the next three years, my wife and I got to know the Virks very well. Their two sons Bobby and Sherry were about the same age as our boys and that added one more dimension to our relationship.

After hanging up his uniform in 1996, he got a very good job with Haryana Telecommunications. But since his younger son had migrated to the US, Virk moved on, and joined his son.

Virk’s name derives from the word ‘amula’ which roughly translates to something which is invaluable. And that he, indeed, was. He was full of life, and forever willing to help others.

Brig Virk gave more to life than what he took from it. And therefore, he will be remembered forever. He has not died. He has faded away, like a gallant soldier.

May the Lord grant peace to his soul and may Sukhi have the courage to bear this irreparable loss.

  1. Col Surjeet Chauhan says:

    RIP Dear Sir
    … He was my Commandant in 508 ABW at Allahabad in 92… A great man got to know him well during my stint… always helpful…Cant Forget him…

  2. Lt Col Venkata Appa Rao Dontharaju (Retd) says:

    I want share a personal experience which shows his magnanimity.
    During 1989 I was performing duties as Secretary of EME WELFARE AND TECHNICAL EXHIBITION as part of 6th Corps Reunion. He was my respected Senior colleague in MCEME at the time. In one of the Mess Gen Body meetings held in Bravo Mess which I attend he proposed my name as Mess Secretary. Some how I felt that it was unfair on his part while I was already doing the duties of Secretary of Exhibition. I happened to be sitting next to him and I displayed an emotion amply reflecting how I felt about the unfairness of his Act.
    In a flash he agreed with me and withdrew the nomination and made amends with me.
    He was far senior to me and could have stood his ground which could have embarrassed me.
    Though it was a small incident It was etched in my mind and enhanced the respect I had for him Manifold.
    My heart felt Condolences to a great soul.

  3. MBS Rekhi says:

    I first met Mula at IMA when we joined as course mates in Jan 1963. I again met him at IIT kanpur in 1975, where we were studying for MTech
    I moved to USA in 1991 and this time we had a long association for a decade or so. We regularly met.
    Despite his towering height and strong physique he was a thoroughly gentle at heart. A thorough gentleman , very honest and loving person who can not be easily forgotten. I was shocked when I learnt that he was severely sick. I left all work and rushed to Sacramento to meet him. our course mate col JS Narang was with me. He was in acute pain but was happy to see us and joked with us all the time we were with him.
    I attended his funeral services representing corps of EME and laid a wreath on behalf of corps. I miss him a lot. he was more like a big brother to me.
    God may rest his soul in peace

    • Lt Col Venkata Appa Rao DonthaRaju says:

      Dear Rekhi Sir,
      It is apleasure to notice your presnce and see your comment. I hope you placed me I was Commanding the FRI in Amritsar when youcommanded 317 Stn Wksp and met later at Pathankot also. Hope you are having a good time in USA. We also visit USA often, my daughters are at Houston and Sacrament CA,and son at Sanjose. If you are any where nearby it will give us great pleasyre to visit you or receive you. My best wishes
      Lt Col Venkata Appa Rao DonthaRaju

  4. MJS Syali says:

    Brig(then Col) MS Virk was Head CE Dept when I did my degree course and ORE course and offers who studied at MCEME during that time will vouch that he was so approachable and helpful for all our professional & even personal problems. I am personally indebted to him for mentoring me during that time. His fading away is an immense loss to his family & friends. I pray that his soul merges with the Almighty.
    May the Lord give strength to his near & dear ones to bear this great loss. My heartfelt condolences.

  5. UK Singh says:

    Deep condolences. He was my HOD at MCEME in 1989-92. A go getter and mentor for his subordinates. A personal loss to me.

  6. VJS Gill says:

    It is sad to learn about the sad passing away of Brig MS Virk a tall ever smiling figure.

    I so vivedly remember him while we served together in 619 EME Bn way back in 1970-71. He was Adjutant of our Bn when Maj Gen JC Ahluwalia was CO, I was just 2nd lieutenant reported for my 2nd posting from 612 EME Bn. He was the guiding force for all youngsters and mind you there were many those days in the rank of 2nd Lt, Lt and Capts in our Bn. Brig MS Virk not only took time off from his pressing appt but also ensured our smooth induction to work as a well oiled team that is just before OP Cactus Lilly.

    My heart felt condolences to Sherry and family we share your losss.

  7. Arun Arvind says:

    my heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family.

  8. Harman Chatha says:

    It was very sad to learn about the unfortunate passing away of Brig MS Virk in USA yesterday.

  9. VTK Raju says:

    may his soul rest in peace

  10. Lajpat Sachdev says:

    It is a great shock to hear about Virk’s passing away. He was a very
    good, understanding, honest, dependable and loyal friend.May God Bless
    his soul and may god give Sukhi and their children strength to bear
    this great loss.

    Surjit in case you know Sukhi’S or the children address please mail
    that to me.

  11. Amarjit Singh Behl says:

    May he rest in peace.

  12. Paramjit Singh Gill says:

    Very well penned down Sir. Seems it has come straight from the heart.

  13. Nirmal Mahajan says:

    our heartfelt condolences

  14. Manmohan Singh says:

    This is a shocking news. I totally agree with u that he was a superb human. I had always found him
    most trust worthy character as I had the honour of working with him so closely. Our heart felt condolence to Mrs Virk & the family.

    Please let me have Mrs Virk’s address if u know.

  15. Prabal C Sen says:

    really sad!!!

    He was an extremely nice person and very considerate

    especially for juniors like us in MCEME / FEL

    I remember his quiet humour and gentle handling of all issues

    may his soul rest in peace

  16. J Thomas says:

    Our condolences to Sukhi, Bobby & Sherry

  17. Virender Kapoor says:

    can you share a few NDA anecdotes.. I am compiling a memoire..

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