‘IN SEARCH OF GOD’ By Bulle Shah

Originally posted on 21 Sep 2010 :

This gem which has been viewed by millions of people has come to me from Dr Inderpal Sandhu.

In this clip Abida Parveen sings an epic verse composed by the renowned Sufi Saint, Bulle Shah (1680-1757). Those days, people used to take “sanyas” and go out in search of God. Bulle Shah showed them an alternate route. Here is what he said,

“If God could be reached by bathing in Sacred rivers and holy ‘sarovars’ then the frogs and fish would have attained salvation. And if God resides in the jungles then (wild) cows and their calves would be living in the company of the Lord”

Bulle Shah then gives more examples and concludes with some profound words. He says,

“Break the mosques and demolish the temples if it pleases you. Destroy everything else, if it will passify your rage. But do not break the heart of any person, because the Lord resides there!”

Now if you have nine minutes to spare and a taste for Sufiana music

A word about Dr Inderpal Sandhu

Inderpal uncle is an eminent civil engineer. He was intimately associated with the design and construction of the Bhakhra Dam. The government sent him for higher studies to the USA where he earned a PhD. Later, he chose to settle down there. Back home, he is remembered very fondly by the senior officers of Punjab Irrigation. His mail ID is isandhu@verizon.net

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  1. Gurdayal Singh says:

    Thanks. Please keep sending such soul-touching recitals.


    Parh parh ilm qitaban da .. tu naan rakh lya qazi
    hath wich phar ke talwaran .. tu naan rakh lya ghazi
    makke madine tu phir ayan .. tu naan rakh lya hajji
    we bulleya tu ki haasil kita .. je yaar na rakhya razi

  3. Ritu Bhanot says:

    I hope that both you and aunty ji are in good health. I’ve sent an e-mail about Indian Memory Project to you and hope that you’ll be able to share it with your friends. I loved the initiative. It’s a way to preserve our history as we, the people of India, live it :-) BTW it’s open to people of Bangladesh and Pakistan, if they want to share photographs prior to 14/15 August 1947.

    Would love to hear from you.

  4. Neena Singh says:

    Veerji Its out of this world – thanks for sharing this soulful sufi qualam of Bulle Shah rendered so ably by Abida Parveen.

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