NDA Lightning


Originally posted on 6 July 2010 :

Our nephew, Maj Aman Brar who is doing his Staff College in Paris, has sent in a special request. He wants to see that NDA picture of lightning which we took fifty years ago.

Well, here it is. I have scanned it and edited it. If you have a picture manager (which I am sure you do) you can fiddle around with the contrast and color to improve upon my effort)

I also took this opportunity to scan the whole page, and I am attaching that, too.

The picture taken from the glider was clicked by Thomas. You can see that he was not in the camera club,or else, it would have been more clear! (He was busy sailing and capsizing on the lake to earn his Sailing Blue)

The pictures are not particularly good. And they are half a century old. But for those of us who are from the NDA I think they have some value. Please pass them on to your course mates.


  1. Ajay Malik says:

    Rare Pictures

  2. Maj Gen P Vig says:

    Very nice photograph. It must have been a great effort to wait for the event to take place and the camera to be ready . Tremendous. My compliments.

  3. Raj Kadyan says:

    I feel proud that I belonged to your Squadron in NDA.

  4. J Thomas says:

    Not guilty. it was taken by Anil Deshpande of Kilo squadron. In those days the cameras were not so good and none of us could afford the high end cameras. Was an expensive hobby in those days.

    The lightning picture was taken by one of our squadron mates. I remember his face, not his name. Somewhere I have the same pic. One more pic, not of lightning, but the effect of one storm. An entire window frame, with window, in the 2nd floor, was blown in. The pic looks through the missing window & frame.

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