Na Shivale(temples), na Kalisa (Churches) na Haram) Mosques jhoote haiN

Originally posted on 02 March 2011 :

We are all agreed that our politicians, bureaucrats and the policemen are corrupt.  Senior army officers are also in the news for being indiscreet.

Recently, Mrs Zamir sent me a link to a clip from the Pakistani serial “Hasb-e-haal”  It is a commentary on the societal issues across our Western border. It is the most popular TV program there. Episodes from this serial are available on the Internet and are readily available for anyone to view. It is amply clear that corruption is as rampant there as it is in India. The four spells of military rule have failed to discipline their civil services.

I am now beginning to suspect that cheating and corruption run in our blood.

I also think, that it is NOT only the bribe takers who are to blame but  members of the public, who GIVE bribes are the ones who make them corrupt. When caught for a traffic offence, most of us tend to ‘offer’ a note to get away lightly. When a building is being constructed, the contractor tells us to violate the rules and we collude with him; assuming that we will be able to get the completion certificate by bribing the inspector.

And this has gone on for centuries. There is mention of “Haraamkhor” in the ‘baani’ of Shri Guru Nanak Dev ji who gave us ‘Japuji Sahib’ more than five hundred years ago. In the Akbarnama also, we find instances of this scourge.

The dubious distinction of being the most corrupt army officer in our history goes to Maj Gen Robert Clive (1725-74). He used the money power to defeat Sirajudaula by bribing Mir Jafar during the Battle of Plassey. In return he made an enormous fortune for himself. But when he went and built a mansion in England with that ill-begotten wealth, he was repeatedly questioned by the British parliament. So great was the humiliation that he committed suicide to end his misery.

We now have the likes of Raja and Kalmadi facing charges. In my humble view, an effective check can be instituted only if the bribe givers are also punished. Bribes are rarely “demanded” ; they are always “offered” by those who stand to gain from this transaction. Our laws are much too lax on them.

As I was going through my ‘yotube’ list, I hit upon a very profound song. Its meanings are illustrated in the pictures which appear with each stanza. Click on the link below, and do not miss the last stanza. It says, “For some strange reasons, the works of the masters has ceased to make an impact. If the artistes are not untruthful, their pens are telling lies!”

Do tell me if you think I am right.

  1. Onkar pal Singh says:

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    v all must adhere to these simple guidelines & must have a back up of data.

  2. DN SOOD says:

    Surjit…My sympathies with you. I was wondering where have you disappeared?

    Summer vacations was my best guess in UK or USA.

    Glad to have you back on the net. Same thing happened with DP garg and maybe he got all our contacts from that hunt.

  3. sundara rao says:

    Dear Surjit,

    Sorry to learn of your harrowing experience. Your message contains useful tips for which i thank U.

    Lt Gen C.Sundara Rao (Retd)

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