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Originally posted on 2nd July 2010 :

A song is good when you feel like hearing it over and over again: and then you hum it….

A story is nice when you relate to its characters and it leaves a lasting impression on your mind…

A picture is worthy of praise when you feel like hanging it on a wall so that you can see it often…

Iman Maleki has crafted some paintings which are as good as any which I have seen. They can compete with the best of photographs that the shutterbugs have ever shot. Some one sent these to me a few years ago. I retrieved them from my archives, and I now offer them as an attachment for you to view.

Note: To view these pictures, click on the first painting and view them as a slide show by clicking the ‘play’ button shown as a triangle at the bottom left of your screen. Alternately, you can get these paintings on ‘Google’.



  1. RP Mishra says:

    Thanks General Surjit,
    the paintings are beautiful.
    Thanks for all the mail that you send me.

  2. Kuldeep Malik says:

    Too good Surjit

  3. Gurmeet Kanwal says:

    Thank you, Sir!
    They are beautiful

  4. Vinay Malhotra says:

    These are truly fantastic.I have them in my archive too.Nevertheless wonderful getting to view them again.I am sure you will agree that we do not open up our archieves frequently.Really a treasure trove.

    In fact most of your mails have superb content.

    Thanks for sending these at regular intervals.

  5. Yamuna Govindan says:

    I’ve seen them before & they are really lovely…attached here is my version of the last one. I love painting & off late have been spending a lot of time with my brushes & canvas.

    I found this one particularly beautiful.

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