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Introducing Ritu Bhanot

Ritu Bhanot is a linguist. A Punjabi by birth, she learnt Hindi and English in school. And then she fell in love with French to which she took  like fish takes to water. Destiny put her in touch with a French young man, named Jaque de Juvigny, who became her soul-mate. She has now been working in France as a certified translator-cum-interpreter, for more than a decade. However, distance has not reduced her love for India and Indian languages. I am told that she also knows Urdu, Bangla and several other Indian languages. Indeed, whenever she speaks to me, it is in chaste Punjabi.

 Ritu has a very sensitive soul, and poetry comes naturally to her. Given below, is a piece which she wrote several years ago.  


प्रेम और संबंधों की सच्चाई

तेरी राह देखते-देखते पथरा सी गयी हूँ मैं,

अपनी धरती से जुड़ आज उठ रही हूँ ऊपर 

जड़ें बाहर जो दिखतीं हैं वे नहीं,

जड़ें वे हैं जो मेरे अंदर से निकवीं हैं 


ब्रह्मा की तरह मेरे अंतर के कमल पे तुम

विष्णु बन खिल रहे हो;

महान हो भले तुम

मगर याद रखो

मेरे बिना अस्तित्व नहीं तुम्हारा 


चलायमान तुम थक जाओगे,

सच खोजते-खोजते 

मैं एक जगह खड़ी

अपने अंतर में ही सत्य पा जाऊँगी 


ठहरी हूँ

पर पड़ाव है यह,

नदिया को कौन

रोक पाया है 


स्त्री निष्क्रिय

पुरुष सक्रिय

मगर खोज क्या रहे हो तुम ?

सत्य वह नहीं जो बाहर है,

सत्य तुम्हारे ही अंतर में है छुपा 

क्षण भर रुको,


और पा जाओ जो है तुम्हरा 


cordialement/ Best Regards/ शुभाकांक्षाओं सहित्,





The Tailpiece

For those who may not know, I wrote my first few pieces in Punjabi. In fact my first full length novel was written in my mother tongue, in 1961, when I was still in the Academy. Later, after the 1971 war, I was impelled to write another novel, which was also in Punjabi. Ritu Bhanot is threatening to trans-create it in Hindi.






  1. s s malik says:

    beautiful poetry.

  2. Dave Sood says:

    Any thing on Amolak is thought provoking and unique.

    Ritu Bhanot’s langauge is very impelling and strong.

    Had to read it twice to enjoy it.

    Keep writing Ritu. You really know true love.

  3. Surjit Singh says:

    It is clear that you have it in you!
    Emotions and sentiments, every one has, but not many of us have the ability to find the right words to express them.
    Keep them coming.
    Surjit Uncle

  4. P M BAMBAWALE says:

    Wonderful selection of subject & words.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Maj Gen Narendra Bahadur says:

    Dear Gen,
    Thanks for sharing Ritu Bhanots poem on ” Prem aur Sambandhon ki…”. I found it very relevant to our times and environment….. would love to read more of them in this genre !!!

    = Maj Gen N Bahadur,Veteran

  6. Surendra Rishi says:

    Ritu has beautifully pointed out the power within. Very enjoyable poem

  7. Brig Anil Adlakha says:

    Anil & Sunita

  8. Hema Bedi says:

    A very touching poem.
    My compliments to Ritu Bhanot

  9. Brig TR Mullick says:

    An excellent poem.
    May God bless Ritu

  10. colls says:

    Thank you
    I have just returned home from Canada
    shall revert to you.

    In the mean time will you like to read my
    RIVER OF ROMANCE ..By Colls .100 English poems

    All life’s long earnings and donations on this book
    will be donated to CANCER SOCIETY
    I have already donated One lakh
    a drop in the Indian ocean may be

  11. Veteran AVM RP Mishra says:

    Beautiful poem

  12. Lt Gen Raj Mehta says:

    Beautiful, sensitive and deep meaning lines.

  13. Beautiful lines with deep meaning . Congratulations!

  14. Surinder Dhaliwal says:

    Very sensitive and deep.The poem touches ones soul.Ritu what are the names of your novels you mentioned you have written in Punjabi. Votre poem est tres jollie. Sorry when I type I don’t know how to type the accents.

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