Originally posted on 23rd Aug 2011 :

You have ‘hit the nail on its head’

Arvind Kejriwal is miles ahead of Rahul Gandhi in academic and professional achievements. With a B Tech from IIT Kgp and after renouncing his job in the prestigious Indian Revenue Service (the first cousins of the IAS) he has a tall stature. Rahul Gandhi, on the other hand is almost a school dropout.

However, I think we must not forget that we are not a democracy in the true sense of the word. Ours is a medieval society where power is the fiefdom of a few families many of whom are from princely descent. Ours is a semi feudal system, in the garb of democracy.

I was once speaking to a wag and he asked me, “What is the difference between a King and a Prime Minister?”

When I could not give a cogent answer, he said,

“The King is his father’s son. A Prime Minister is NOT!”

No offence meant to anyone, please!



An apt sequel to the above one-liner is:

“Maternity is an indisputable fact. Paternity is merely the opinion of a lady!”

  1. Surindar Singh says:

    We have double standards

    When three generations command the same Battalion, we give then credit Infect we give parental claim to son joining the same regiment. Many many IAS , IFS and IPS officers are sons of their father in same cadre ,

    We don’t object to children of Doctors , Chartered Accountants , Architects , lawyers , Professors , Cricketers stepping into shoes of parents and taking over same set of clients / patients and chambers / nursing homes as parents .

    We go out of the way to make Mahatma Gandhi’s son as Governor and don’t raise our voice when Omar Abdulah takes over from father in J&K or Sukhbir Badal from Prakash Singh in Punjab or Patnaik in Oriissa

    Parmodh Mahajans son was nominated by BJP to their national Executive when his father was shot dead by his brother Unfortunately he got involved in Drug case resulting in death of Parmodh Mahajan’s sectretary . No body objects to Varun Gandhi taking place of his father father Sanjay Gandhi or Prashant Bhushan and his father both being in Ann’s team
    We have a Fabio and problem , when it comes Indira Gandhi’s clan especially Rahul . Is it his fault that he was born as son of Sonia -Rajiv Is Sonia influencing so many opinion polls ,, which put him higher in choice of people as future PM , much higher than his mother , LK Advani ,.Narendra Modi etc Give poor boy a break

    It is a fact that two congress governments which, have done most for the economic reforms and betterment of National economy and progress , had no member of Gandhi family Neither Narsim Rao nor Manmohan Singh had any Gandhi family member in their cabinet yet the achieved so much

    In a democracy every one has right to rise . Have we not had people like Giri , Neelam Reddy ,Giani as presidents. Were they the best available ?? or Charan singh , Chandershekhr , IK Gujral , Deo Gaudha as prime minters Did they have better bio datas than Kajrewal . Does the best officer rise to be Chief ? Look at our course Sword of honor and Gold Medals left / retired as Lt Col while some of the “BEST ” and ” MOST DESERVING” became Maj and Lt Gens.Were they the best ????????r IT IS LUCK DESTINY AND CIRCUMSTANCES

    Let us not prejudice and target any one individual or family or party or system

  2. J Thomas says:

    If so, she ain’t no lady

  3. Vimal Sethi says:

    Very well said Sir!

  4. Sriram Jayasimha says:

    The news is that Arundhati Roy now opposes Anna (just a week back she supported the movement). Is this because this movement received a huge public response and her movements did not? Just jealousy?

    Aruna Roy (mentioned below) wants her draft of the bill, but she doesn’t have mass support. She’s against mass movements deciding on the content of a bill. But did corruption previously have public support (it certainly had the political parties) for 50 years? Did she accept salary from any NGO sponsored by a political party (or the Government) in drafting her version of the bill? If she did, she is certainly part of the system.

    Useless questions that come into my head.

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