Tujhe Apnaya Gaya, Mujhe Dafnaya Gaya!

Originally posted on 24 May 2010 :



The difference between a wedding and a funeral!



Teri doli uthi, Meri mayyat uthi, Phool tujh par bhi barse, Phool mujh par bhi barse,

              FARQ SIRF ITNA SA THA

Tu saj gayi,Mujhe sajaya gaya .

Tu bhi ghar ko chali, Main bi ghar ko chala,

                 FARQ SIRF ITNA SA THA

                 Tu uth ke gayi,  Mujhe uthaya gaya .

           Mehfil wahan bhi thi, Log yahan bhi the,

                 FARQ SIRF ITNA SA THA  

                Unka hasna wahan,  Inka rona yahan.

Qazi udhar bhi tha, Molvi idhar bhi tha,

 Do bol tere pade, Do bol mere pade,

 Tera NIKKAH pada, Mera JANAAZA pada,

                  FARQ SIRF ITNA SA THA  

                 Tujhe Apnaya gaya , Mujhe Dafnaya gaya !

For those who would like to listen to these words, here is a link,

And for those who have three minutes to spare, here is another rendition of the same poem :




  1. Jetinder Mayor says:

    enjoyed reading them. Very true and touching

  2. Ram Gulrajani says:


  3. Hemi Bhagat says:

    excellent thanks


    Mukarrar. Mukarrar !!

  5. Ritu Bhanot says:

    Indeed, these lines do touch the heart. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Vinay Malhotra says:

    Wah- Wah!!, Wah- Wah !!!

    Bahut Khoob!! Bahut Khoob!!!

  7. Balbir Kataria says:

    Too good. Very touching.

  8. Kuldeep Malik says:

    Thanks surjit. Since I understand Urdu, it has touched my feelings.

  9. Premendra Singh says:

    or as said -

    in this little journey from swaddle to shroud

    why should the spirit of man be so proud ?

    more inconsequential grim thoughts:

    1. The wood supplier at the Punjabi Bagh cremation ground

    in west Delhi is m/s LUCKY TRADERS.

    2. The i/c electric crematorium at Lodhi Road in New Delhi

    is bearded muslim.


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