Ritu Bhanot

EGO by Ritu Bhanot

Ritu Bhanot is a free lance writer and translator. She knows four languages : French,English, Hindi and Pujabi. She also understands Urdu, but is not very familiar with the script, which she is trying to learn. Ritu migrated to Strausbourg, in Eastern France a few years ago, but left her heart behind, in India. She has composed a short poem for Guftagu. It is in free verse, or ‘atukant’ as we call it in Hindi.  



हाँ, जाने कब, क्यों, कैसे

स्वयं मैं,

बन गया प्रतीक

टूटते संबंधों

बिखरते सपनों का ।


कभी तो रौशन

तो कभी अंधकारमय,



से बन गया अभिमान मेरा ।


टूटते सपनों

भटकते कदमों

ने न जाने कब

बना दी


दिलों के दरमियान

क्यों आ खड़ा हुआ

अहम् ?




  1. vaibhavi says:

    I hope this brief verse, helps us all control our ego and improve our relationships.

  2. Dhiraj says:

    The beauty of this piece lies in its simplicity – I mean the way it stokes the basics our being with its simplicity.

  3. Brig AJS Behl says:

    AJS Behl

  4. Arun Mushra says:

    Beautiful. Thanks for sending it to me. Regs best

    Arun Mishra, VSM
    C-9/9122, Vasant Kunj
    New Delhi 110070

  5. Neena Singh says:

    Thanks for sharing Veerji. Sensitively penned poem- I liked it.

    Warm regards


  6. Mahavir S. Jagdev says:

    Good one Sir.

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