Jaspal Bhatti ko hansaana mushkil hi nahin, namumkin tha!

Our niece, Amarjeet Kaur, whom we call Ruby, is married to Rajvinder Klair, who is a first cousin of the Late Jaspal Bhatti (1955-2012) All inputs, by way of text and photographs for this article, have been provided by the  couple.


Fame preceded him. Long before the ‘baraat’ arrived at the residence of our uncle, Agyapal Singh in Sector 27 B, Chandigarh in Oct 1993, we had heard a great deal about Jaspal Bhatti. The tall and handsome bridegroom, Rajvinder was driven in by his illustrious cousin, Jaspal. A few days before the wedding, we had received a card, which contained a tinge of the characteristic humor of the eminent comedian who was a well known cartoonist and on the threshold of a career in the Television serials at that point of time.

Someone in the family did not approve of the spoof, and scored off the last line, in which the guests were requested to bring their own crockery for dinner. However, when we met him, we found Jaspal had a very serious look. To make him laugh was not just difficult; it was well nigh impossible! He seemed to believe that it was his job to make people laugh, and he did not like any one intruding into his personal territory.


Rajvinder and Amarjeet migrated to the US, a few years after their marriage, in 1999; but Jaspal Bhatti began to intrude into our living rooms through the Television at regular intervals. He chose subjects of social relevance and devised TV serials with great care. 

We learnt that Jaspal Bhatti had obtained a degree in Electrical Engineering from the well known Punjab Engineering College Chandigarh and joined a government job. However, even when he was in the college, he took more interest in satire than electrical engineering. His ‘Nonsense Club’ was very popular and they held road shows, which were very popular. During his brief service in the government job, he developed an intense desire to expose the inefficiency and corruption in the bureaucracy. The politicians, in his eyes were a set of buffoons, who deserved to be depicted as jokers in cartoons which he created without any effort. However, he was careful to avoid any particular individual or political party. In fact, most of his satire was aimed at himself or his wife, Savita, who acted with him in all his TV serials. Given below are a few glimpses of his work.

When vegetable and fruit prices sky-rocketed, Jaspal Bhatti devised the above method for depiction

Soon, Jaspal Bhatti was our ‘Laurel and Hardy’ rolled into one!

In 2002, he launched a ‘suitcase party’ in which the valise was indicative of cash stacked in it.

Computers were, forever, a laughing matter for him. He believed that they were a nuisance.

 To save time, he decided to read two books, simultaneously, and browse through the screen, all at once.

Almost on the verge of giving it up as a bad job. You see despair on his face.

“To Hell with computers!” He said, and started dancing with his wife, Savita.

“Jatt kudian to darda maraa, modhe upar daang  rakhda!”

“Power Cut” his last movie, was released a day after he was killed in a road accident in Oct  2012. For this movie he composed a song, “Ki karuga jatt, je ho gayi power kutt?”


A Tailpiece 

 Jaspal Bhatti added a new dimension TV serials. He broke the classical mould of  ‘soap’ stories which stretch on and on. Humor came to him naturally. And it was pristine clean. It could not hurt any one. We are told that when he was shooting for his last movie, “Power Cut” he needed to film a herd of sheep. For the shot, he was told that he would have to guarantee the safety of the animals. He readily agreed to undertake the responsibility, but added in all earnestness, “I assure you that no harm will come to your animals, but I can not guarantee the safety of the life and limb of my actors and the crew!”

His words proved prophetic. The herd of sheep suffered no injury, but the Director of the film lost his life, in the act. He died with his ‘boots’ on. Be that as it may, they say, that the show goes on. Jaspal has gone, but the spirit of his work is immortal. 

  1. K K Garg says:

    His Death is loss not of a nation but of a civilization. Our civilization has perfected the art of packaging falsehood in a box of truth. He was pricking that box to remind the civilization of its hypocracy.
    His efforts will not go waste. Kejariwal and co are able to stand on the soil prepared by him.


    K K Garg

  2. Bhupinder Oberoi says:

    Nice to go through short pictorial details of a great man who made everyone laugh . GOD bless his soul.

  3. Vipan Handa says:

    A great loss for society and personal loss for me and all classmates at Punjab Engg. College. I have seen him derving nano opposite lake in Bathinda. I have called him to visit my place. He has shown his helpness, due to busy schedule. Later on when I called him, he was at Dushera ground and was leaving for Jalandhar for promotion of the movie.
    He said ” टाईम नही हे फिर मिलिगे॑”.
    Alas that time will never come.

  4. Pawan Bir Singh says:

    Blast from the past……one of the pics on the post where I can see myself!!!

  5. Amarjit Singh says:

    Thanks,very nicely depicted. May God bless his soul.



  6. “Bas waqt nahin”…

    Beautiful piece from SS Malik

    A deliberate effort to undo this syndrome comes from Col R.L. Gupta

    It is his philosophy of “Khulla time” that helps.

  7. Surrinder Nakai says:

    In his death, the laughter loving people have suffered an irreparable loss. A few ‘aashaar’ in tribute-

    “Ya To Diwana Hansey, Ya Tu Jisey Taufiq De
    Varna Iss Duniya Mein Reh Kar, Mukura Sakta Hai Kaun”.
    -A Bard

    “Ye Jo Hansana Hansaana Hota Hai
    Dar-asal Roney Ko Chhupana Hota Hai
    Kitney Ghum Gheen Hain Kehkahey Terey ‘Anwar’
    Koi Diwaar Si Giriyaa Hai, Terey Aashaar Ke Pichhey”.
    -Anwar Masood
    Giriyaa=weep inconsolably

    “Kabhi Unke Dil Mein Bhi Jhaank Kar Dekho ‘Faraz’
    Kitney Afsurdaa Hotey Hain, Auron Ko Hansaaney Waley”.
    -Ahmed Faraz

    “Jo Hota Bas Mein Apney, Hum Umar Apni Yun Basar Kartey
    Jahan Ji Chahta Jaatey, Khayaalon Mein Safar Kartey
    Chura Laatey Agar Kauz-E-Kazaa Ke Saat Rangon Ko
    Hum Apni Zindagi Bhi, ‘Khamukha’ Technicolour Kartey”.
    -Ghouse Mohiuddin

  8. Kulbit Singh says:

    GOOD !

  9. Moreshwar kelkar says:

    Dear Surjit,
    Yes, with jaspalji gone – we shall miss clean humour here. I however wish and pray ‘let his soul rest in peace yet let the spirit behind humour stay alive, to let other souls around enjoy clean laughter! Moru

  10. Yashvir Tuli says:

    Thank you, my dear sir, for keeping us oldies laugh and live.


  11. Lalit Dutta says:

    Dear Surjit,
    A nice tribute to a good and happy man. We the people of Punjab, nay, the whole country loved him. May his soul rest in peace. Lalit.
    Sent from BlackBerry® on Airtel

  12. S S Malik says:

    thank you sir,

    sending a some couplets.. satire on modern lifestyle,

    for Bhatti ji’s view of the world..

    ‘ Bas Waqt Nahin…’

    Har khushi hai mere paas magar, bas hansne ko hi waqt nahin.
    Din raat daudati is duniya mein, bas jeene ko hi waqt nahin.

    Aankhon mein hai neend bahut, bas sone ko hi waqt nahin.
    Dil to hai gamon se bharra hua, bas rone ko hi waqt nahin.

    Maa ki loree ka ehsaas to hai, bas maa kahne kohi waqt nahin.
    Sab rishton koto maar chuke, bas unhe dafnane kohi waqt nahin.

    Sab naam to mobile mein hain,bas hello kahne kohi waqt nahin.
    Gairon ki kya koi baat karey, bas jab apnon kohi waqt nahin.

    Paison ki daud me aise daude,bas ruk kar ginne ko hi waqt nahin.
    Pyar ki chahat dabee hi rahee, bas pyar karne ko hi waqt nahin.

    Ab tu hi bata -aye- zindagi, aysee zindagi jeene se bhi kya hoga,
    Pal pal marne walon ko yahan, bas Do pal jeene kohi waqt nahin……

  13. Manjit Singh says:

    A very well written obituary.We all miss Jaspal.His admirers are in millions.May his soul rest in peace.

  14. J Thomas says:

    To Doordarshan’s credit, they broadcast serials starring Jaspal Bhatti.
    May his soul rest in peace.

  15. Ghansham Singh Ahluwalia says:

    I was at Chandigarh when we heard the sad news about his death in an accident,it was unbelievable and I really wept at the cruel joke life has played on him.

    I always enjoyed his satirical TV serials which were on the current topics ,and made us laugh like hell.He had his own way to depict the buffoonery and corruption the present politicians were playing with public, that no one else could do.

    I hope and pray to God ,that his son or his wife may be able to carry on the good work he left unfinished.God bless his soul.

  16. arun mishra says:

    There are many in this world who make people sad and cry but very very few who make people laugh happy and forget worries. Jaspal was one, the like of whom are very very few in this world.

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