Ganga civ

Reaching out from a wheel-chair

As far as I remember, I received the first e-mail from Brig PT Gangadharan  (whom I will fondly now refer to as ‘Ganga’ and also to save space) in 2005. I had never met him in service, and his mail came as a ‘forward’. At my request, he put me on his mailing list, and I have been regularly receiving his messages ever since then. What struck me was that he always had something informative or interesting to tell. I soon learnt that he was confined to a wheel chair, settled in Kazikode (old Calicut)

 Gangadharan was confined to the wheel-chair, but was able to reach out to friends all over the world

Indeed, he was able to do all that due to the active support of his wife, Padmaja (standing in the rear)

Two years later, I was destined to visit a school in Neelambur to participate in their annual function and took that opportunity to go to meet Ganga and his wife, Padmaja. The time which I spent with them left me highly impressed with the spirit of a gallant soldier. His story inspired awe, and I shall narrate it briefly.

Ganga was commissioned in the Brigade of the Guards in 1971, and saw action within a few months of his service. During the next 29 years, his service record would be the envy of any soldier. He was an instructor in the Commando Wing, served on the staff of WLD Mil School, Bhutan and was GSO-1 Training at the IMA. On staff he was in the Cabinet Secretariat (Military Wing) and later served in the Integrated Defence Staff. And, indeed, he rose to command an Infantry Brigade. This is where disaster struck. As a one-star general, he was posted on the LoC and there was firing from across the border, in the form of ‘speculative fire’. He suffered a fall of over 200 meters into the ravine and suffered a spinal injury, which left him with paraplegia in the year 2000. Confined to a wheel chair with no control over his legs and bowels, he is dependent on others for all human needs.

I have met many invalid soldiers in my service, but here was someone who was different. There was a positive energy emanating from every part of his body. He had no complaint against the Army or the government for the disability pension and he was not sorry for having joined the army. In fact, I was told that his son is now serving in his own regiment. Despite being confined to the wheelchair, and all the help he needs, he has acquired sufficient skills to make himself useful to the society. He has learnt the art of using the computer and regularly sends out mails to over 700 friends. Indeed, many of his messages are forwarded to others. I have noticed the following features of his mail messages:

  • All his mails send out positive vibes.

  • He never criticizes any one; dead or alive.

  • Ganga never speaks about himself or his family.

  • As a good soldier, he is apolitical and totally secular.

Last month, I asked him to tell us something about his life after the accident. As per the Internet, it takes one to three years for a paraplegic to overcome the trauma and come to terms with the invalid state. Our friend took less than four months to get back to active life, and resume his military duties which he continued until his retirement. I find it better to narrate his story in his own words.

Gangadharan remains busy all day. He has not permitted his infirmity to prevent him from rendering service. He derives joy from reaching out to people and sharing their joys and sorrows. I recall that after the 1965 war, all the amputees were sent to the Command Hospital in Pune. It was a pain to see their plight. The artificial limbs of that era were merely wooden ‘legs’ which provided very little mobility, and one saw the victims moving around on crutches. The Air Chief of that period, (Now, Marshal of the Air Force) Arjan Singh came and presented a copy of “Reach for the Sky” which was the story of a double amputee, Group Captain Douglas Bader. I think it was an appropriate gift, because it contained a very positive message.

My own experience has been that physically challenged people should be encouraged to develop skills, and encouraged to render useful service. No amount of money can compensate the loss of useful activity.

See the glow on his face, before the ‘accident’

Gangadharan’s Life, in his own words

This story began on the Ni 28/29 Jan 2000. Having been physically very tough and fit and virtually having walked along almost all the border areas of Arunachal Pradesh, Bhutan, J&K in service life, it was very difficult to accept a situation of lifelong immobility. This state still haunts me and I am sure I will walk again, through a miracle. This hope is my driving force. More than me, it is my wife who continues to suffer silently. She has been a vibrant lady with enormous energy packed in her. We used to run together in the morning every day and people envied us. While I was in command, she used to come running with me till the parade ground, with the return route being traversed, all by herself.

And then, disaster struck. Below the chest, he lost all control on his limbs and organs!


 I suffer pain, spasms, cramps, irritation, constipation, UTI  and bedsores regularly, but I have not yet reconciled to the fact that I cannot walk again. I am totally assisted for everything including turning sides in the bed every two hours to avoid bed sore. The life is tough and difficult, but having been an instructor in Commando Wing, I believe in the credo that “when the going gets tough the tough get going. I do not share my difficulties with anyone. I share only good things with others and do not like to be a burden but a help to others, in any way if possible. I keep myself busy doing something or the other like reading, browsing on internet, writing and e mailing. I have taken to spirituality in a long way. I spent a considerable length of my time in praying and listening to Bible discourses. I silently pray for a lot of people suffering in various forms of difficulties and ailments. Many may not even know that I am praying for them. Though not born or lived as a Christian, I have accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour for the last 10 years or so. I have not converted into Christianity, but I read Bible regularly and follow the teachings of Jesus Christ.
As regards my routine, I get up at 6.30 in the morning. While being in the toilet, assisted by my helper for catheterization, brushing, and bath, I also listen to GOD TV broadcast. By about 7.30 I am ready to pray. The prayer and meditation continue till 9am.I have my light Breakfast at 0900 hours. By about 1000 h I usually move out of the house and Padmaja drives the car. We spend about two hours in the HERO Corp show room. I am generally on the computer only but get to meet a lot of people there. This is a real outlet to release tension, though I have no tension now. I like to meet and talk to people. By 1300 we are back, to have lunch. I sit outside the house till 1400h. Every four hours I have to catheterize to avoid UTI. Even then UTI is unavoidable .I get it once in 6 months to 01 yr. Because of uncontrolled bowel movements, eating and drinking habits are strictly regulated as per timings. I eat very little and non vegetarian food is avoided .On an average I spend 4 hours in toilet. I go to bed at about 11pm. I have to get up at 0200am for catheterization.

 I started e-mailing regularly in 2005 and continue to send mail to friends across the globe. I get many calls from known and unknown people about my mail. Generally I edit all mails, before forwarding. I have about 700 people on my regular mailing list. I feel happy to remain in touch with people. Sometimes it becomes difficult to clarify on certain mails, on queries raised by some people. At times I waste a lot of time to search for details and references. I try and satisfy as many people as I can. Quite often, the queries are raised without reading the full contents of the mail.

Have a good look at this picture. You see a father happily jogging with his daughter…

But if you scroll below, you will notice that when you see the complete picture, there is a twist in the tale!


Scroll just a little more…



Don’t lose patience, go down further…





The new limbs have ensured that the smile remains on the faces….

A Tailpiece

A lot has happened in the field of developing ‘intelligent’ limbs. I have heard of an artificial hand which can hold a glass and even a pen and permit the person to use it as well as the natural hand. There is no reason why robotic limbs will not be able to help paraplegics to walk again. The simplest devices which are on the anvil will turn the paraplegics on the bed, to prevent bed-sores. And then, the removal of excreta will be automated, to spare the pain of catherization.

It is my firm belief that the dream of Brig Gangadharan of being able to walk again will come true within his life. Jesus the Saviour will join hands with Ishwar, Bhagwan, Allah, Buddha, Waheguru and Rabbi to perform the Miracle!

This picture is taken from the Internet. Robotic science has already produced systems that can make the Paraplegics walk

Contact details of Brig Gangadharan are given below:

Brigadier PTGangadharan, Veteran; Padmaganga, Near Chinmaya Vidhyalaya Thondayad, PO. Nellikode, Kozhikode- 673016. Tel 0495 2356863, Mob 9447766863.E Mail ID     brigadier.ptgangadharan[at]gmail[dot]com. 

  1. Col MS Joseph says:

    I am PT Gangadharan’s course mate from IMA.Please mail me his E mail ID.Thanking you.

  2. Dr C G Bhargav says:

    Dear Ganga Sir .I went through the mail and all comments by different collegues and friends . I just wanted to share the information received few days back in one of the mail ,which you might have heard .An old paraplegic was treated with transplantation of Nasal cells to the spine and patient could not only walk but drive and regain control over bowel & bladder .So still hope is there .Most appreciating thing is the POSITIVE attitude .Wishing you all the best and hope to see you walking . Regards ,

    Dr Bhargav

  3. Gangadharan says:

    Sir,I have no words to express my feeling and of course I know you will not like me to cosole you in the present state As you are I am also praying for the miracle to happen today tommorrow or the nextday.I am one of them who have seen the adorable and magnificent personality of an army officer in you. Wish all your wishes are fulfilled,Regards to both of you .

  4. Diya says:

    Dear Sir,
    It was indeed fortunate that I met you in person. I consider myself lucky to have spend some quality time with you and to know more about you. I pray to God that you remain charismatic and healthy always. Thank you for finding time for me to help me out with my project . God bless you Sir.


  5. Golok Bihari says:

    Dear sir,
    I came to know about your life story through Col RP singh’s email. He has been very close to me via email. Although We leave in a same city of Zirakpur, adjacent to Chandigarh but we never met each other.Your story is very inspiring. May God strengthen you further. Hats off to you.
    I am an ex-sgt and volunteerly left Air Force after my first 20 years of engagement. Presently teaching in an engineering college.
    May your inspiration propel me.



  6. Brig PT Gangadharan says:

    My Dear Sir,

    Thank you for your kind words sir.Are you from JAKRIF sir?.

    With best wishes and warm regards,

  7. V P Malik says:

    Dear Gangadharan,
    You worked with me in the Chiefs of Staff Committee before you took over a brigade. Your hard work, sincerity and professionalism was always appreciated by all of us. And now you have added more capabilities such as fighting spirit, determination and faith, not observed by us earlier. I admire these. You are now a true inspiration to many others who are going through your challenges
    We have been in touch off and on. Keep up the high spirit and faith in God Almighty. We are with you and your family.
    Warm regards and best wishes,
    Ved Malik

    • BRig PT Gangadharan says:

      My Dear Sir,

      Thank you for your kind words about me.I always tried to imbibe good qualities from leaders I have come in contact with,and certainly i have learned many things from you.As all of us know, the best in a man comes out in adverse situation.i am only trying to keep up the spirit I imbibed in my service life.

      with best wishes and regards to you both sir,


  8. Brig PT Gangadharan says:

    My Dear Sir,

    Many known and not so known individuals have expressed their concern,appreciation and prayers through their notes to us.Many have appreciated the efforts of Padmaja;my pillar of strength in all weaknesses.As Lt Gen Hata Hasnain expressed,she has struggled and come out far refined through the agony that I had gone through in the beginning of my disability stage.Many have also said that they would like to be in my direct mailing list.I welcome them.It will be a pleasure to be in touch with them.Kindly send a test mail and I will immediately put you on my mailing list.Once again I thank all those who have responded or read my story written and put on the blog by Maj Gen Surjit Singh,a great human being and a soldier par excellence.

  9. Wg.Cdr Y M Koshal (retd) says:

    Dear Brig. Ganga,
    Very,very inspiring indeed. Would love to stay in touch.
    Best Wishes & Warm Regards,

  10. Vinod Kumar says:

    Dear Gangadharans,

    Please accept our good wishes and prayers for God’s

    kindness and grace on you both. What a heart warming story of courage and

    making the best in what ever one gets in His dispensation. May God be with you

    always. It would be nice if you can please add my e mail to your grand list of

    over 700 addresses. With warm regards


    • BRig PT Gangadharan says:

      Dear Sir,

      thank you for your response.We are touched.


  11. J Thomas says:

    An inspiring story. Best wishes to PT and Padmaja Gangadharan

  12. bhupiinder says:

    Brig Gangadhar is a wonderful man, with an indomitable spirit. From his chair, he can achieve, what able bodied people cannot achieve otherwise. I cannot find words to appreciate him and his achievements. I am on his mailing list and daily I receive his remarkable mail. I thank him from the bottom of my heart. I am indeed grateful to him. May God bless him.

  13. wg. cdr. v.k. tyagi says:

    dear brigadier,
    i met you on the internet in 2008. on learning of your medical handicap and witnessing your stoicism, i sent a cryptic compliment “you have my respect”.
    the respect was and still is and is growing for your determination and courage
    in not letting your handicap cow you down.

  14. Dear Ganga Sir

    I am your course mate and I was posted in your HQ as Joint Director DSC when the accident took place Indeed it is your qualities of leadership which are keeping you going with E-Mails with so many friends In particular I am so benefited by them bring in a remote place Wish you all the very best and pray to the Almighty to enable you to walk again

    Hats off to you and Mrs Ganga Regards

    • BRig PT Gangadharan says:

      Dear Chhib,

      I certainly know you.We met also once.
      2.Thank you for your encouragement.Kindly send a test mail.I will put you on my mailing list.


  15. Giridhar says:

    Dear Sir,
    Sudha and I consider it a privilege and honour to have known you and Madam for so many years. It is not just your voice that belies any mention of such a grievous injury, your demeanour too cocks a snook at all that destiny has ever thrown at you. We constantly draw inspiration from you at every stage, especially during Sudha’s illness. May God Bless the two of you and as evidence of His eternal mercy make you rise and walk once again. You are in our prayers always.
    We look forward to visiting you at the earliest.
    Regards and Godspeed,
    yours truly,

  16. Wg.Cdr.R.S.Murthy (Retd) says:

    Dear Brig. Gangadharan,

    We have been interacting in the way of email forwards for the last 4 to 5 years. I cannot forget the day when you took the initiative to contact one of my friends to tell me why I am not getting your mails and how to correct. I was so touched by this action.

    Your “God wants you to know” is a wonderful series and pl keep it going.

    We are proud of you and Padmaja.



  17. LT COL PKPV PANICKER [retd] says:

    Dear Brig & Mrs Gengadharan

    All veterans in Kozhikode who are closely associated with you and Mrs Gengadharan always praise you both for the exemplarary style of living with courage and great determination.

    We pray God almighty to happen such an invention in the field of on-going medical science research to find a solution for your ailements at the earliest.


  18. Ranjit Grewal says:

    Thanks Surjit
    Very encouraging in fact I did not know the details even though Ganga is from my Regement
    RS Grewal

    • BRig PT Gangadharan says:

      My Dear Sir,
      Though you may not know me but I certainly know you.If I remember you are from 13 and you were at Mhow,where I met you.Hope am correct.


  19. Neitasaigal says:

    Very inspiring life story my hats off Tao you SiR

    • BRig PT Gangadharan says:

      Dear Madam,

      Thank you.we are indeed grateful for your having gone through the write up.

      With best wishes and warm regards,

  20. MajGen(Retd)BSPanwar,AVSM,SM says:

    Dear Brig Gangadharan,
    My salute and hatts off to you and Ms Padmaja.The courage, enthusiasm,grit and dtermination practiced by you both daily is the epitome of inspiration to one and all.I am highly touched after reading about you and pray God for you dream to come true.I do hope further developments in technology will make the miracle happen and your wish fulfilled.
    My best wishes and a smart salute to the great soldier Brig Gangadharan and Ms Padmaja.May God bess you both.

    • BRig PT Gangadharan says:

      Dear Sir,

      Thank you for your mail.I am sure that with such prayers and support,my dream of walking will come true sooner than later.we are touched.
      Are you not from MARATHA Regt.Did we not do DSSC together.

      With best wishes and warm regards,

  21. Dave Sood says:

    Hi Ganga Dharan from a Guardsman. D N Sood commissioned in 5 Guards on Dec 17,1961. Premature retirement in 1975.

    We never met. One day when I decide to visit the Gods own country, I will make a stop at your place.

    I am in Delhi. Ever need any help here; do not hesitate to contact.

    Yours is an inspiring story.

    Regards to you and your family.
    Dave Sood

    • BRig PT Gangadharan says:

      Dear Sir,
      1.Thank you for your mail.
      2.We met in 70/71 when you were posted in IMA.I was commissioned with SS Kumar of 5 Gds.I had known about your leaving Army prematurely.
      3.Even though I was in Delhi for a long time, we never came across in any circle.
      4.As and when you visit Kerala,we will certainly meet.

      with best wishes and warm regards,

  22. Vinay Malhotra says:

    Dear Friends,
    I find myself at a loss of words to comment.
    But this is inspiration personified.
    GOD Bless Ganga.

    Vinay Malhotra

  23. Air Cmde Amul Kapoor VM (Retd) says:

    Dear Brig Gangadharan, ‘Greetings’ to You. It was wonderful reading about You and would like to be in touch. I also know a Naval Officer Cdr Sanjay Agrawal who too is in the same boat as You. Mighty Impressed with You with your inspiration and attitude towards LIFE. Do let me know if I could be of any Help.

    I am the Director of a NGO School for Deaf Children in Dehradun.

    with warm regards,

    Air Cmde Amul Kapoor

    • BRig PT Gangadharan says:

      Dear Sir,

      Thank you for your mail. It is a pleasure knowing you.
      You too are involved in a noble work and may Lord strengthen you.

      With best wishes and warm regards,

  24. Brig K Balasubramanian says:

    I am very much touched by your write up. I pray to Almighty for your dream come true sooner than later. Our best wishes and prayers are with you. Padmaja is source of strength to you. Her sufferings are in no way less than yours. God bless you both.

    • Brig PT Gangadharan says:

      Dear Sir,

      Thank you very much for your kind expression about us.We remain grateful.

      With best wishes and warm regards,

  25. Wg Cdr (r ) R. Balachandran says:

    I live at chennai. took a prmature retirement from Airforce in 1983. served civil industry and my own business till 1988 .i was in outdoor advertisement. good going. The demon struck me in the form of karunanidhi who banned hoardings. All investment lost. suffered humiliation.

    God for his part struck my wife. She is an heart patient with one valve changed 15 years ago. In 2008 she suffered stroke on the left hand side. she is bed ridden for the last 3 years.

    she needs two nurses, two servants to keep her fresh and acceptable. self and my dutiful son help her to shift from bed to the chair and back to the bed often

    when she was healthy i never hugged her. Now i do it every day to make her sit on the chair. her body is now a fragile skeleton. Lost opportunity of hugging and holding hands together when you are well.

    But we had spent time in various tasks wanted and unwanted and neglected kind communication with wife or the husband.. we understand our failures only when you fall.

    so, those who read this pl hold the hands of your wife and admire her personality and tell her she is good.

    I read all the forwards of Brig ganga regularly. most of it i preserve in a folder. I forwards all of them to my close Airforce friends.

    I had promised that i will visit ganga. My problem is i cannot leave my wife. i get worried when i leave her for even 4 hours. My son forced me to see some latest pictures to relieve my stress.

    I can understand the great contribution of Mrs ganga. All of us should adopt her as our sister.

    From this day i will pray for ganga. three years ago the famous heart surgeon Girinath of Apollo told me blandly to take away my wife to home as he will not touch her. I wept in the hospital.

    came home prayed to saibaba. surrendered to him. she is improving. the holes in the heart stitched by a good surgeon at MIOT. we are now battling with her stroke,

    once i gave a lecture. i started saying the very first sentence THAT GOD IS AN IMPERFECT CREATOR. HE Make lost of mistakes. But deliberately he does with the belief that we his other creations will not let us down his mistakes. So let us take care and tell god that we will pay our gratitude during our life time itself.

    bala chennai 09841048839

  26. Surrinder Nakai says:

    Undoubtedly, Brig Gangadharan is a role model for most of us. His enthusiasm for life is more than inspiring. Here are two couplets on the concept of ‘life’-

    “Zinda Rehney Ki Tammana Ho To, Ho Jaatey Hain
    Faktaaon Ke Kirdaar Bhi, Ukaabon Waley”.
    -Ahmed Faraz

    Faktaa=dove, Kirdaar=character and Ukaab=eagle.

    “Zindagi Zinda-Dilli Ka Naam Hai
    Murda-Dil Kya Khaak Jiya Kartey Hain”.

    Following couplet by Iqbal Khan Zakhmi is for Ganga-

    “Hawaadas Mein Ulajh Kar Muskurana, Meri Fitrat Hai
    Mujhey Dushwaarion Par, Ashk Bahaana Nahin Aata”

    Hawaadas=misfortunes, Fitrat=temperament,
    Dushwaari=problem and Ashk=tears.

    Surrinder Nakai 12/12/12

    • BRig PT Gangadharan says:

      My Dear Sir,

      Thank you for your comments.
      we are also pleased to see the two couplets.We are indeed touched and remain grateful to you sir.

      with best wishes and warm regards,

  27. Lt Col SJ Singh says:

    Ganga sir,

    Hats off to you and your spirit. I was very fortunate to have served under you though for a short period of appx six months. I feel honoured that due to daily interaction on and off parade I could know about your state fwd ness and frank opinion on various issues.

    First time when I spoke to you many yrs after your accident, when I got your contact # from my son who was posted at Bhopal , I just could not believe that a person talking to me is on wheel chair, You were still so helpful to a Guardsman who gave you my sons address and wanted his help. Your spirit and helpful nature will surely make you walk and I will visit you to see that miracle happening. Please convey our regards to Mrs Ganga. God Bless you Sir .

  28. Dear sir,

    I heard your name somewhere, could be in commando leg of my course. I had a friend from The Guards and this is how I heard your name.

    You are highly inspiring. Even when there are numerous problems you spread a positive energy. Army taught us a lot of things even one tenth of which a civilian will never learn.

    May you inspire more and more. And your wife is a great support to you. She needs a greater applause.


    Col P J John, Trivandrum

    • Brig PT Gangadharan says:

      Dear John,

      Thank you for your comments.The world is too small.I have served in three Class A institutions.May be we met some where.

      With best wishes and warm regards,

  29. Gurpreet Singh Brar says:

    Dear Brig Gangadharan, I learnt about your life story from General Surjit, an old friend from NDA and later a colleague at the Army HQ in 1995. Your courage and spirit is an example for so many people around the globe. People, on the slightest suffering in life straight away blame the Almighty rather than accepting it bravely like you. Your faith in Lord JESUS and prayers of near and dear ones and also of many of us who donned the OGs in our Service , will definitely bear fruit and The Miracle will happen one day.

    • Brig PT Gangadharan says:

      My Dear Sir,

      Thank you so much for reading my saga.We thank you for your kind words.Our strength lies in elders like you,who encourage us in every step.

      With best wishes and warm regards,

  30. Ata Hasnain says:


    I have been on Brig Gangadharan’s mailing list for the last four years and have even commented and interacted on various issues with him. What a delight to know a man of such courage, compassion and humaneness. Mrs Padmaja Gangadharan’s story of courage too should be publicised. She is the one who has also shown true grit.

    I was in the Valley when the fateful incident took place. I also have no doubt that he will walk one day without any support. Our collective belief will make it happen.

    Bravo Gangadharans, you deserve the adulation of every Indian.

  31. Maj Gen(Retd) S C Sabharwal says:

    Hats off to you and Ms Padmaja indeed, Brig Gangadharan! You have certainly taken the bull by the horn so to speak. I have received some mails originated by you as forwards from others. I didn’t realise once that I was reading something originated by such an inspiring tough soldier as you!

    God bless you and I do hope you will resume your walks and other cherished activities through the wonders of modern science and technology.



    • Brig PT Gangadharan says:

      My Dear Sir,

      Thank you for reading my Saga and your kind words.
      We believe in miracles and I know that I will not be put to shame.

      With best wishes and warm regards,

  32. RJS SodhI says:

    I salute you for your never say I quit spirit

  33. Lt Gen Amarjit Singh says:

    Very inspiring. I pray to Almighty to give him all the strength and bestow His miracle so that he can walk again. All of us who are enjoy good health and have all the faculties working fail to thank the Almighty. Brig. Ganga’s case should make us realise that we should be grateful to GOD. My best wishes to Brig. Gangadharan.

    • Brig PT Gangadharan says:

      My Dear Sir,

      1.Thank you for reading my saga and commenting on it.These very words are our encouragement to face life cheerfully.God is always kind and is love.He never harms his children.
      2.We fail to appreciate his kindness often,but still he loves us.I am sure he will make me succeed.

      with best wishes and warm regards,

  34. Manjit Singh says:

    Dear Surjit, you have done a good thing by writing this short biography. you unused to send me many of his ‘Forwards’. Earlier. they were very good. you also told me about him several times. his story is inspiring. We wish him all the best. regards.

    • Brig PT Gangadharan says:

      My Dear Sir,

      We thank you for reading my Saga.Your words are our source of strength.

      with best wishes and warm regards,

  35. Dear Sir,

    I sincerely pray Almighty to bless you and Madam with Peace, Prosperity and Happiness. I am sure with your faith in Almighty and determination and will power you will be able to walk soon and resume all useful activities in very near future.

    With Regards to you both……..Venkat Choudhary

  36. COL V B SHINDE, Retd says:

    Ganga Sir,
    Hats off to you and Padmaja Madam for all your grit and your determination.
    We also feel that you will be able to walk soon and resume your rounds of Golf which you loved so often.
    We pray to God for such a miracle to happen, and feel convinced that it will happen soon enough.
    Best wishes to you both….

  37. Maj Gen (Dr) SC Jain says:

    We all salute you for your bravery and valor.
    It is the right attitude of yours that is propelling you further.
    SC Jain

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