Youth fades away ; but friendship​s are life-long.​..

Originally posted on 10 Oct 2010 :

Last week when Ms Talat Zamir rang up to say that she would be visiting Chandigarh, we invited her to stay with us. We were neighbors in 1969-71 in secunderabad and have shared some very happy moments, but it is quite some time since we met her. To revive old memories, we thumbed through an old album and saw how we looked like those days. To those pictures I now add a few snapshots which I took now.

We have changed a lot! A thyroid complication has caused dear Talat to put on a bit of weight, but for the rest she is what she always was; lively, positive-thinking and cheerful. She is has made full use of her
creative abilities. From semi-professional singing to television, she moved on to clothes. And now, she designs jewellery. She came to Chandigarh to exhibit her creations at the Taj. I place below our old pictures and the ones taken recently. My younger friends may like to note that the bonds which are created during the formative years of service endure… in fact they are life-long. Now, here are some pictures taken on the first and only birthday party of our departed daughter.

On the top of this page on the left and the rght extreme you see Talat with her daughter, Huma


Here are the two friends, with their daughters

As I was going through these pictures, my mind’s eye went to that classic Punjabi song, “dhaai din na jawani naal chaldi ” ( The youth lasts no more than two-and-a-half days…)

Given below is the link to its rendering by Jagjit Singh

  1. Vidya Gupta says:

    very nice photos uncleji… it’s good to see…….such a long

  2. Sarabjeet Grewal says:

    Nothing abides; except (with God’s grace) fond memories!

  3. bharathi k says:

    How are you and Mam ? Hope and pray the God for your good helath and cheerful life always. I would like to put a obligation with you that I am in-charge of designing my EME Bn’s web site which is presently available in Army Intra-net. For that, I need some good articles which could be placed under the link of ‘Trivia’.


    I have been trying to search for the complete lyrics of the song, my granny used to sing during our childhood. I remember the first stanza only …

    Nee, Patialay wala Raja boli hor bolay,

    Pani nu water kehnda, ladki nu daughter kehnda.

    Ghar de darwazay nu door bolay,

    Nee, Patialay wala Raja boli hor bolay.

    Incase you know anyone who can complete the song, I would be thankful.

  5. Manmohan Singh says:

    We are very happy to see ur latest pictures along with Ms Zamir. Thankfully to Almighty, u two are looking just great & grand as ever. We remember that a few days before my retirement at a small get together in ur home, perhaps on one of ur BD, u hugged each other &, Surjit, u remarked, ‘see how u maintain and look after ur possessions’. Sure u r living up to that till now. Keep it up.

    we like to see u this way only. May God bless u both.

    One thing more, Surjit ur hair make over ( specifically moustache mgmt ) looks most outstanding. Ur get up has certainly become more soldierly now after retirement. Well done.

    With best wishes & regards from both of us,
    Affy Manmohans

  6. Bajaj says:

    Those were the days of bueffont(ignore the spelling) and backcombing and

    Big juras. How times have changed. All photographs are greatexcept the right half of the last.


  7. Sarabjeet Grewal says:


    We too were together at Allahabad 1980. She sings beautifully. Her favourite used to be LONG GWACHA. Convey our greetings to her.


  8. kamal khanna says:

    Dear Sir,

    Thanks. Good you enjoy recalling the relationship.


    Great pictures and a good write up, Sir. Jagjit Singh has always been my favourite, since my college days in Patiala Cantt in 70′s, he used to wear a turban then.

  10. kulbir singh says:

    Thanks for sharing such lovely moments of life Sir.

  11. Neha Shahi says:

    hello uncle,
    what a lovely pics with a beautiful song…….very nice uncle….

    really awesome pics uncle……..

  12. Manjit Singh says:

    Excellent nostalgia with very good photos.

  13. Ishani Sharma says:

    thank you uncle for sharing such beautiful pics of such wonderful people with us……… must say,aunty is like a golden fairy…… it was a true pleasure of mine meeting you all… :-)

  14. Gurdayal Singh says:

    Thanks. That reminded me of Zamir- an ever smiling and pleasant officer.

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