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  It is well known that Khushwant ji did not believe in Heaven and Hell. Therefore, it would be inappropriate to say that he has left for his Celestial Abode. To borrow his own expression, one may state that he has ‘proceeded on a long road to nowhere’  and agnostics like him might meet him on that path when their turn comes! In the world of mortals, he has left an indelible mark through his writings. Whether one liked him or not, it was difficult to ignore him. His message was forever, eminently readable.

Col SK  Kohli (XV NDA, CSM Easy Sqn, JUO Zojila Company, 24 IMA) was one of his countless admirers. Colls as he calls himself, is a poet in his own right. He has the ability to produce a piece at the speed of light. For this occasion, the ‘Duke’, as his friends affectionately call him, has sent in the following lines.



Life and death

are two faces

of the same coin,

one faces towards sunrise 

the other towards sunset


all the same

as the sun does set

it also does rise… 


not in a rebirth 

that I don’t believe


but rises in the eyes of humanity

so it seems…. 


till the cremation ground,


none has accompanied

anyone beyond

nor you

nor I will!




Col .S K Kohli Retd

1174/37 NOIDA 201303






This towering writer was not easily impressed by any one: big or small. He had ‘the ability to walk with the Kings, and yet not lose the common touch’ For himself he left the following epitaph long before he stopped breathing:


Here lies one who spared neither man nor God

 Waste not your tears on him, he was a sod

 Writing nasty things he regarded as great fun

 Thank the Lord he is dead, this son of a gun.”


Like most Indians, I remember countless things said by him. He was proud of his Sikh heritage, but at the same time he was a die hard Agnostic. He saw no contradiction in this. Many years ago, he narrated a small story which he wrote when he was covering an election in Punjab. It seems he got into a casual conversation with a Sikh taxi driver, whose beard was obviously trimmed. He asked him whether he would vote for the Congress or the Akalis. The man said, “Sahib ji bote tan sada panth nu hi jaooga!” ( Sir, my vote will indeed go to the community!) Khushwant ji pointed out that his beard did not reflect his  faith, and the man was quick to respond, Sahib ji meri darhi bhanwe bigad jaye, panth di darhhi patit nahin honi chahidi” (Sir, my beard may get disfigured, but the beard of the ‘panth’ must not suffer any harm!) The Sikh logic may be difficult to comprehend, but it exists, nevertheless.






  1. colls says:

    Very few have read this
    Most of the comments are mine

    Still I thank all those
    who have remembered us

    My fondest regards
    for entire human kind

    Retain your faiths
    as you WILL

    22 Nov 2021

  2. collskohli says:

    i will now have to post a similar vein poem
    from my recent



  3. colls says:


  4. colls says:

    Edited Poetry

    Life and death
    are two faces
    of the same coin,
    one faces towards sunrise
    the other towards sunset

    All the same
    as the sun does set
    it also does rise…

    Not in a rebirth
    that I don’t accept

    But rises in the eyes of humanity
    so is it true

    Till the cremation ground,
    none has accompanied
    anyone ever
    not you
    or I will!


  5. colls says:

    I told you Dearest Surjitji,

    If only you had published it
    this article would have been a hit
    now only 13 entries
    perhaps half are mine

    ”Sarreee duniya saalam kartee hai
    chadtey sooraj koe
    doobta hua suraj
    kaun dekhta hae?
    sivai photographer …
    zara toe koe Boloe

    aour issiliye
    RIVER OF ROMANCE By colls toe padoe

  6. ''colls'' says:

    Sir ,
    I have already saluted you in person
    You are a great poet yourself
    Something ….
    well pardon my ignorance not knowing it

  7. J Thomas says:

    Khushwant Singh was an institution. His passing away is the end of an era.

    Thank you sir for remembering a great man.

    • ''colls'' says:

      thou shalt not err to sir me

      a simple soul as you know
      through Surjit

      thanks my friend
      I am indeed
      grateful to you

  8. Bhavneet Singh says:

    Thanks for sharing.

  9. Mahavir Jagdev says:

    All said and done, this man ridiculed his wife after her death. I can never forgive him for that. He was not a gentleman. So what, if she was going around with Lala Bharat Ram of DCM. He was not man enough for his wife!

  10. Gul Dost says:

    The inimitable Khushwant has left a void which is going to be difficult to fill. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. With that kind of an inheritance, he could have mad pots of money, and lived a life of luxury. But he found incredible joy in the lonely life of an author.
    No one can doubt his secular values and truthfulness. Col Kohli has paid an apt tribute to him. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Col K L Sharma says:

    Very touching yet very apt.
    Kiran Sharma

  12. Kul Prakash Deswal says:

    It can happen
    if we all change our stance
    according to time
    Then only
    you may accept the
    Existence of God
    in any mind amen

  13. ‘Khushwant’ and ‘Colls’ are two faces of the same coin,
    Many like their thoughts, others are yet to join.
    Both are gifts of their own kind to the literary world,
    They never differentiated between God & man.

    Their views are similar, expressed in their own style,
    Both value human birth & love mankind.
    Their triggers, when pressed, blow off the lids
    And sparkle controversies in human minds.

    • ''colls'' says:

      Sir ,

      I have already saluted you

      in person

      You are a great poet yourself

      Something ….

      well pardon my ignorance

      not knowing it


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